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Ok, we’ve stayed out of the Trayvon Martin morass so far because, honestly, pretty much everything that can be said about this travesty has already been said. But then people started saying stupid fucking things that should not have been said, and that is officially my invitation to get involved.

"Some of my best friends are black!"Guys, the best way to prove instantly and without a doubt that you are a racist is to start anything you say with “I’m not a racist, but…” This is a scientifically-proven fact and is wholly incontrovertible. The second-best way is to write a lengthy blog post about how it’s really sad about Trayvon Martin’s allegedly racially-inspired murder, but a white girl got killed by black people too and where is the outrage about that? That’s the crime that blogger Danita is guilty of in a recent post on the hilariously-named blog Letters From A Whoremonger’s Wife. The post is rather long, but I’ll reprint the important parts for you below so you don’t have to go read the whole thing yourself if you don’t want to:

When are we going to admit profiling, violence and racism exists everywhere…in all cultures, in and against every socioeconomic status? Violence is wrong, regardless of the reason behind it. Murder is inhumane, regardless of the color of the victim. But I ask, why aren’t we equally outraged when a white kid is killed by another race? Last week a boy in Ohio was burned by a group of black kids while walking home from school….media outrage? No. Did Al and Jesse show up and puff up in front of cameras? No.  They’re calling Zimmerman a White-Hispanic…a term unheard of before now…a term being used to create more racial conflict.

In 2008 Eve Carson, a white female from Athens, Georgia was an exceptional student at the University of North Carolina. She served as President of  the Student Body and was a Moorehead-Cain Scholarship recipient. She majored in Political Science and Biology, Pre-Med. Eve gave back to her community, she was a peer educator for underprivileged youth, was selected to be a North Carolina Fellow and she was murdered. Slaughtered by four blasts of ammunition to the head and body by two young black males (ages 17 and 21), because they wanted her car and her ATM card. The final killing shot tore through her hand and into her head as she made a sad attempt to protect herself; obviously aware the bullet to her skull would be fatal. Was she profiled? You bet she was. Eve was profiled as a Rich, Blue -Eyed, Blond Haired, White Girl. Were there protests, marches and outraged politicians speaking out for her? Did Barack call her family?  Why is it about race only if the victim is black? Why aren’t we outraged when ANY kid is murdered? As a nation, have we been silenced by a politically correct whip? Lets’ be outraged about all murders, all racism, every injustice.

In the meantime, allow me to speak my mind without calling me a racist. You have the freedom to call me names but if I defend myself, you call me a racist.  That’s not right.  Let’s stop creating more problems for each other. Let’s grow up.

One last thing about Eve…one of her assailants testified that she asked them to pray with her before they killed her. “Let’s pray”, she said. One of the ATM videos shows Eve in the backseat of her vehicle with her murderers, she has her hands in the air, a Be True bracelet is on her wrist. Her head is bowed in prayer.

Good point. Nobody ever gets worked up by a white woman being killed by a black man.

Jesus, where to even begin with this mess?

Pretty much the same thing as an apple, I guess.I guess I could start with the following undeniable truth: if I were the kind of comment-trolling douche who struggles to sound more intelligent than they really are by employing terminology that they only learned because some other comment-trolling douche actually was as smart as they claimed to be I would call this the mother of all straw man arguments. Or, if I wanted to use my own preferred idiom, I would say that what Danita is doing here is comparing apples to Volvos.

If I have to point out to you that being killed for your car does not equal racial profiling, you can just stop reading now because you’re fucking hopeless. In fact, saying that a girl killed in a robbery was “profiled as a Rich, Blue -Eyed, Blond Haired, White Girl” is about the most racist thing I can think of. Because, you know, black people never get carjacked. Largely because everyone knows black people can only get nice cars and ATM cards by killing pretty blonde girls for them.

Also, there is a distinct difference between being killed in the process of a robbery and being stalked through a suburban neighborhood by a security-obsessed lunatic who has already been explicitly told by a 911 operator not to engage and shot down in cold blood. I’m certainly not saying that Eve Carson’s murder was any less heinous or more deserved than Trayvon Martin’s, I am just saying that comparing the two on the basis of motivation, profiling and public outrage is a ridiculous waste of time and words, because they are so vastly different.

Also, let’s look at the outcomes: Carson’s murderers were tried, convicted and sentenced. They are currently serving time for their crimes. Trayvon Martin’s killer is still walking free because of an absurd and dangerous law called Stand Your Ground, which basically says that in Florida you have the right to employ deadly force if you feel in any way threatened. Danita states several times in the comments that she’s not interested in Florida politics, just the profiling aspect of the case. Well, Danita, if you’re not interested in the politics then you’re not interested in 2/3 of the outrage over this case. I’m not saying there isn’t a huge amount of race-baiting and over-sensationalizing going on here, because there clearly is, but the majority of people are either genuinely concerned about the precedent that this sets under Stand Your Ground, or are outraged by the fact that but for this Fuck this movie. idiotically medieval concept, George Zimmerman would have been arrested and waiting on an investigation of the killing. Sure, we don’t know all the facts yet, but we know enough to know that in any state without a Stand Your Ground law, Zimmerman would be in prison right now pending trial. To say that you’re not interested in the political aspect of the Martin case is roughly equivalent to saying you’re not interested in the parts of Return of the Jedi that include space ships, laser guns and the Force. Of course there’s still some stuff there, but it’s pretty much only Ewoks dancing, and who the fuck wants to watch that?

Here’s another favorite part:

Did Barack call her family?

Good point. He didn’t call her family. That’s pretty insensitive of him, I mean he-

In 2008

…oh. Maybe President Barack Obama didn’t call this girl’s family when she was murdered because he wasn’t the fucking president. In point of fact, George W. Bush – a white man, and therefore holding the comparison you’re trying to make up better than Obama – was the president. He also, for the record, didn’t call Caron’s family.

I can’t argue the idea “Why aren’t we outraged when ANY kid is murdered?” Hey, look, murder is bad. I think if you surveyed every single person in America, the vast majority of them would agree that people shouldn’t be murdered. But that’s not the point you’re trying to make. The point you’re trying to make is “we want equal outrage when a member of our race is murdered under completely different circumstances!”, and that’s horseshit. I am so sick of the reverse-racism argument. Come up with something new and relevant or just shut the fuck up already.

"The last photo taken showed her on her knees, fists full of snakes, screaming in tongues."I also find the final paragraph insulting and offensive in the highest. I know I’m paraphrasing here, but what it says to me is “this girl’s death is even more tragic than Trayvon Martin’s because she was white, rich, pretty and also a good Christian girl.” And yes, that pretty much puts the lie to your whole “why aren’t we outraged when any kid is murdered” thing, because you’re telling us that she counts more because she was praying when she died. Trayvon Martin didn’t get a chance to pray by most accounts. He was actively trying to escape. And I roundly reject that notion that someone is deserving of special pity because they’re a devout believer in anything. Had she been an atheist and died trying to reason with her killers would you have emphasized that?

I have my own strong opinions about the Martin case, which I will not share here because I don’t know all the facts. At the moment there are only two people who know exactly what happened that night. One of them is dead and the other is in hiding because half of this country is calling for justice, so until this big muckety fucking federal investigation that’s going on is finished, I am reserving final judgment. But I will say that I categorically understand and approve of the outrage that has gone up surrounding the killing and the subsequent handling of the case. To dismiss the anger of the American people over this complex and very important case by saying that we as a nation didn’t rise up to protest over the death of a rich white kid is not only fatally short-sighted, it’s also willfully ignorant.

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